The Complete Real-time Stream
Processing Platform

Powered By Apache FlinkTM

Powered by Apache FlinkTM
“The Industry Gold Standard”

No expertise needed

Quick and easy setup, zero specialized Flink expertise needed.

Go Beyond

Everything Flink, plus develop materialized views and streaming apps for real-time insights.

Security and Compliance

A flexible permissions model allows team access to only the data they need.

Central Platform

Centralize real-time analytics, facilitate data product creation and sharing.


Central Data Platform

We didn’t stop by just running Flink for you.
With DeltaStream you only need one platform for your entire organization.

Govern data access

Provide access with just a few clicks across the enterprise with RBAC.

Choose your deployment model

Flexible setup for either Cloud
or Private Saas (BYOC).

Unified view

Central picture of all your data stores: streaming, batch and analytical.

Data Products: Build and Collaborate

Build and share data products across the organization.

Eliminate Engineering Toil

Unburden your team and solve business problems in minutes.

Speed of Innovation

Allow teams to quickly implement experimental use cases.

Start running Flink and processing your streaming data in a centralized platform


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