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Streaming data and real-time insights are critical components that drive business outcomes, but they are costly and complex to achieve. DeltaStream’s mission is to reduce the time to value for real-time insights and enable a wide range of users across the organization to process streaming data. We created DeltaStream because we saw the complexity, the lack of features, and the high cost of existing stream processing solutions, and we knew there was a better way.

DeltaStream is a central platform for real-time stream processing that provides both streaming analytics and streaming database capabilities. The platform is powered by Apache Flink, which has proven to be the real-time stream processing workhorse for Uber, Netflix, and other large enterprises. At DeltaStream, we’ve built a serverless, cloud-native service that runs Flink under the hood, so you won’t have to. Additionally, we’ve built a governance layer that facilitates secure access to your streams.

DeltaStream is a platform that will grow with you. Many customers start with simple pipelines for a single streaming data store, and then they expand to enable broader access for their teams, share real-time data products, and democratize stream processing throughout their organization. At DeltaStream, a stream processing workload can be deployed in minutes by simply writing a SQL query.

Our Founder

Hojjat Jafarpour started DeltaStream to bring the power of real-time data to the masses. Before founding DeltaStream, Hojjat was an early engineer at Confluent, where he created ksqlDB (KSQL), a database purpose-built for stream processing applications. In his last year at Confluent, he had the opportunity to work with many of Confluent’s customers and prospects, exploring diverse use cases of streaming data and their requirements. Hojjat holds a PhD in Computer Science, with a focus on data management and databases, and has built several database and data analytics products. This invaluable experience shaped Hojjat’s conviction to build the next generation of stream processing platforms that are simple, comprehensive, and address all those needs.

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