We’re excited to share that DeltaStream has joined the Connect with Confluent technology partner program.

Why this partnership matters

Confluent is a leader in streaming data technology, used by many industry professionals. This collaboration enables organizations to process and organize their Confluent Cloud data streams easily and efficiently from within DeltaStream. This breaks down silos and opens up powerful insights into your streaming data, the way it should be.

Build real-time streaming applications with DeltaStream

DeltaStream is a fully managed stream processing platform that enables users to deploy streaming applications in minutes, using simple SQL statements. By integrating with Confluent Cloud and other streaming storage systems, DeltaStream users can easily process and organize their streaming data in Confluent or wherever else their data may live. Powered by Apache Flink, DeltaStream users can get the processing capabilities of Flink without any of the overhead it comes with.

Unified view over multiple streaming stores

DeltaStream enables you to have a single view into all your streaming data across all your streaming stores. Whether you are using one Kafka cluster, multiple Kafka clusters, or multiple platforms like Kinesis and Confluent, DeltaStream provides a unified view of the streaming data and you can write queries on these streams regardless of where they are stored.

Break down silos with secure sharing

With the namespacing, storage abstraction and role based access control, DeltaStream breaks down silos for your streaming data and enables you to share streaming data securely across multiple teams in your organizations. With all your Confluent data connected into DeltaStream, data governance becomes easy and manageable.

How to configure the Confluent connector

While we have always supported integration with Kafka and continue to do so, we have now simplified the process for integrating with Confluent Cloud by adding a specific “Confluent” Store type. To configure access to Confluent Cloud within DeltaStream, users can simply choose “Confluent” as the Store type while defining their Store. Once the Store is defined, users will be able to share, process, and govern their Confluent Cloud and other streaming data within DeltaStream.

To learn how to create a Confluent Cloud Store, either follow this tutorial or watch the video below.

Getting Started

To get started with DeltaStream, schedule a demo with us or sign up for a free trial. You can also learn more about the latest features and use cases on our blogs page.