We created DeltaStream because I saw the complexity, lack of features and cost of stream processing solutions, and knew there was a better way.

For the last 2 years we’ve been working diligently to bring DeltaStream to life.

DeltaStream is a unified serverless stream processing platform to manage, secure and process all your event streams and is based on Apache Flink. We built DeltaStream to provide a comprehensive stream processing platform that is easy to use, easy to operate, and scales automatically.

Given the current economic environment, the buyer increasingly is demanding solutions that solve key business problems and provide a tangible ROI without runaway costs. DeltaStream does this. I see the opportunities for DeltaStream to enable businesses to quickly derive insights from real-time data, while alleviating the engineering toil of managing infrastructure.

Our Platform

Unified: Addressing the fragmented stream processing space.

We built a platform that

  • Works across multiple data streaming stores (i.e; Apache Kafka and Kinesis).
  • Work across multiple Kafka clusters or Kinesis Data streams.
  • Is complete - as it enables both stateless and stateful stream processing-from joins to materialized views.

Serverless and Scale: Automating infrastructure and scale

We made a platform that was easy to use, scale and maintain

  • Zero operations - Users can get started in minutes and deploy apps on Day 1
  • Multi-tenancy - With Query isolation scaling existing use cases or onboarding new ones is no longer a concern.
  • Scale on Demand - Our serverless architecture automatically scales up/down as needed

Secure: Access and Sharing

We developed a platform with a security story for “Data in Motion” that is on par with “Data at Rest”

  • Access Control - Our RBAC allows granular control over event streams
  • Namespacing - Create logical boundaries to organize and manage your real-time data.
  • Sharing and Governance: Leveraging RBAC + Namespacing to securely share event streams in real-time not only within the organization, but also with 3rd party users.

Our team continues to grow and further expand our platform. We’re excited by what we can accomplish in 2023 and beyond. If you’re going to be at RTA Summit in April, I hope you’ll come see me speak or find time to meet.

Please reach out to us for a demo of Deltastream, I am excited to share it with you.