The last stream processing platform you’ll ever need

1. Connect to your streaming store

Define as many streaming stores as you need in DeltaStream. Easily explore and sample event streams in the streaming storage services such as Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis.

2. Organize and secure your streaming data

Declare databases, schemas and relations using familiar SQL DDL statements. Organize and secure your data the same way you would in familiar relational databases. DeltaStream provides the same namespacing and Role-based Access Control (RBAC) as the familiar relational databases.

3. Build complex stream processing applications with SQL

Write continuous queries on your streaming data. Transform, filter, project, aggregate and join streams with simple SQL queries. DeltaStream takes care of the rest. Read from one streaming store(e.g., Kinesis), write into another one (e.g., Kafka) with one simple SQL query.

The stream processing tools you’ve always wanted – in one unified environment.