The Power of Apache FlinkTM in Minutes


Connect to all your streaming and batch stores


Apply RBAC to your streams to provide access to your teams


Get the power of Apache FlinkTM, and materialized views too


We take care of scaling and running Flink


Consolidate your real time analytics on a single platform

Operational Dream

Implement quick business use cases with managed Apache FlinkTM and
additional features like materialized views, governance, and data source integration.

  • Apache FlinkTM

    Operate under the new standard for stream processing, easily adopt and scale Flink with powerful tooling.
  • Flexible Deploy

    Choose between SaaS or Private SaaS: use DeltaStream's Cloud or your own cloud with BYOC.
  • Serverless

    Build streaming apps easily with zero-touch infrastructure, no provisioning or clusters needed.
  • Workload Isolation

    Create logical boundaries to organize and manage your real-time data with namespacing.
  • Query Level Scaling

    Run queries independently without stressing your resources or impacting business operations.

Total Package

Unify, Process and Govern all your data streams. Enable your entire organization to harness the power of your streaming data.

Streaming Database + Analytics

Never have to choose between a solution that either provides for materialized views or streaming pipelines. DeltaStream does both.

Unify with Streaming Catalogs

Organize your streaming data into hierarchical Catalogs for each of your teams giving you a secure and unified view of your data.

Native Streaming integrations

Integration with the leading streaming data stores including Kafka (Confluent, Red Panda, MSK, etc) and Kinesis.

Push Notifications

Alert on things such as anomalies, deliveries, IOT sensor issues, financial fraud, customer behavior patterns.


Enjoy flexibility as you build applications. Use DeltaStream’s Cloud UI, CLI or API to interact with your data.

SQL Interface

Leverage powerful SQL grammar to create databases and streams, run continuous queries, build materialized views and more.

Safe and Secure

  • RBAC

    Relational model on streaming data enables detailed stream permissions via customizable access control.

  • Isolated Environments

    Maintain and operate with ease across isolated environments within or across your organization(s).

  • Sharing

    Securely share data across teams, and with partners or third parties, ensuring efficient and safe collaboration.

Ensure compliance of all your streaming data

by implementing all the required controls in one place. Get GDPR/CCPA ready with DeltaStream.

Start running Flink and processing your streaming data in a centralized platform


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